IV Therapy

We are now offering IV infusions to support your body’s health!

Getting the recommended dose of vitamins and minerals, whether from our food or through supplementation, is vital as they play a crucial role in our health. Take Zinc, for example; our body immunity is compromised without it.

The Office of Dr. Paul Melchiorre in Palm Beach, FL, makes it easier for you since we now offer IV (intravenous therapy) infusions!

These are specially selected vitamins and minerals that support your body’s health. They are a great and convenient way for you to get the full benefit of many different vitamins and nutrients.

When you take vitamins orally, they have to pass through your digestive tract, resulting in a percentage loss of what was initially ingested. Vitamin injections are given straight into your bloodstream, resulting in 100 percent absorption.

These infusion sessions can be done as part of a dental protocol, for example, after dental appointments like safe silver-mercury fillings removal or teeth extractions. 

The IV infusion sessions can also be done as a stand-alone program.

IV Therapy

IV Infusions What We Offer


Enjoy a solution of water, sodium chloride and electrolytes that will restore your body’s lost fluids fast. Use Hydration to revitalize your body, lift your mood and restore your energy.

Cold and Flu

Our Cold and Flu solution mixes saline with vitamin B complex, vitamin B12 and vitamin C to raise your energy and replenish your immune system. Meanwhile, a combination of zinc, glutathione and anti-inflammatory medications will reduce your symptoms.


The Immune package uses IV fluid, vitamin B complex, vitamin B12 and vitamin C alongside zinc to enhance your immune system before you get sick. Immune’s glutathione will also help you recover faster.

Food Poisoning

Our Food Poisoning package has vitamins and medicine to address nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. We also include anti-inflammatory medication for headaches and fevers. 

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is common during pregnancy, but our Morning Sickness IV drip package offers a solution. If you’re having a rough morning, our mixture of IV fluid, vitamin B complex and anti-nausea medication can help your symptoms. Consider adding ingredients like iron, calcium and folic acid to help you and your baby stay strong. 


Our Hangover IV drip package provides relief by pumping vitamins and nutrients into your bloodstream that replenish and hydrate your body. We also add medication for nausea and headaches to help you feel alert. 


NAD+ is a coenzyme that facilitates redox reactions so your cells’ mitochondria can produce energy. Increasing your NAD+ levels will help you maintain consistent metabolic processes that slow down as you age. This solution helps patients retain cognitive function and avoid age-related diseases. 

Weight Loss

Maintaining a healthy diet is all about what you put into your body. Our Weight Loss IV drip package can give you an edge that improves your diet’s results. This solution contains vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients that can expedite workout recovery, improve your sleep and boost your metabolism. 

MIVM Cocktail

The MIVM Cocktail is your all-in-one IV therapy solution. This package has various vitamins, minerals and nutrients, including vitamin B complex, vitamin B12, vitamin C, magnesium, glutathione, taurine, zinc and any medication you need. 

Jet Lag

Traveling across timezones? We’ll help you make the most of your trip. Vitamin B12 will enhance your metabolism to boost your energy while the IV fluid ensures you’re well-hydrated after a long flight. 

Energy and Focus

This mixture of vitamin B complex, vitamin B12, vitamin C and taurine energizes your body while boosting your mood. Whether illness, lack of sleep, anemia or stress has you down, Energy and Focus will pick you back up. 


Exercise causes the body to lose a lot of water through sweat. Our Recovery package will rehydrate you while a high dose of magnesium restores your energy and muscle function. Recovery also features taurine to boost your endurance. 

Migraine and Headache

If you experience frequent migraines and headaches, this package can be a lifesaver. The IV fluids, vitamins, minerals and medications reduce inflammation, nausea and pain. 


Our Beauty package will give your skin a luminous glow. This solution contains vitamins B complex, B12 and C to reduce breakouts, retain moisture, grow healthy skin cells and reduce wrinkles. Zinc helps repair skin damage while glutathione flushes toxins. 

Myers’ Cocktail

The late doctor John Myers curated the Myers’ Cocktail to treat various acute and chronic illnesses. The vitamins and IV fluid hydrate the body to improve oxygen flow while energizing cells. This package also contains magnesium to avoid and reduce chronic pain. 


The Nausea IV blends vitamins, fluids and medications when you’re feeling ill. You’ll experience fast relief for your upset stomach as you rest comfortably in your own home.


The Her IV package reduces uncomfortable menstrual symptoms. The combination of fluids, minerals, vitamins and anti-inflammatory medication will ease your cramps, bloating and headaches.


Too much fun in the sun can leave you sore. Use our Sundburn package to reduce pain and inflammation while repairing skin damage. 

If you want to make getting the vital vitamins and nutrients you need more accessible than ever before, you should consider one of our IV infusion services. There is no need to take multiple pills and supplements when you can visit our infusion clinic in Palm Beach, FL, where you will be able to relax, recover, and rejuvenate in our spa-like environment. Please call (561) 655-0666 today!

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