Teeth Whitening in Palm Beach, FL

You deserve bright, white teeth in your smile. Our teeth whitening treatments will help you achieve just that—so you can feel confident in your tooth coloring.

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Professional Teeth Whitening in Palm Beach, FL

Millions of people complain of dulled or yellowed teeth that take away from their smiles. Discolored teeth can be associated with poor hygiene, but they are also associated with old age, and frailty of the teeth which can be caused by a few different things.

Professional teeth whitening treatments make it easier to achieve a bright smile, sometimes in just one treatment. The treatment works by treating the teeth with a hydrogen peroxide gel and then activating the gel to release oxygen ions. These oxygen ions flood your teeth and break down interior and exterior staining to achieve a bright look. This bleaching process is incredibly effective and extremely safe with little to no discomfort.

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How Long Do the Effects of Teeth Whitening Last?

How long the effects of teeth whitening last depends on the type of procedure you have done. Gel treatments don’t last as long as an LED or laser treatment, but your teeth will stay white for several months. LED and laser teeth whitening procedures can result in teeth that stay white for one to three years.

If you want your new, whiter smile to last as long as possible, you should consider cutting back on habits that cause discoloration. These habits include smoking, chewing tobacco, and eating stain-causing foods such as coffee and red wine.

Are There Any Negative Side Effects of Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a safe dental procedure, but some people may experience a few negative side effects. These side effects include:

  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Soft Tissue Irritation
  • Throat and Stomach Irritation
  • Tooth Inflammation
  • Possible Discoloration

If you have concerns about how a teeth whitening procedure could affect you, you should speak to your dentist to find the right treatment for you.

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